In today’s rising competitive academic scenario, there is increasing pressure mounting on students to perform well in their studies. The curriculum of all major subjects are getting tougher with every passing day, and there is a tremendous demand in order to streamline subject material in line with the vocational requirements of the professional life. 

"The Armageddon University brings forth you, an extensive range of knowledge, training resources and E Learning Modules, to provide academic assistance to students in a wide variety of subjects, namely Mathematics, Science, Sports, English, Social Studies, Media Studies and so on."

So how does it work? 

At Armageddon University, we believe that every student is special, which is why have developed a comprehensive range of learning modules and methods that can suit the requirements of different students, and nourish intellects in the pursuit of success. 

Professional Online Tutors at your Service 

We are supported by a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors, who have been conducting a diverse variety of online training sessions like how to and tutorials for their respective subjects over the past 12 to 15 years. You can apprise us of the exact subject requirements that you have, with the level (basic, intermediary or advanced) along with your grade, and also mention if there are any specific topics or chapters that you need help with. The rest will be taken care of by us with great ease and efficiency! 

Exclusive E Learning Modules

Owing to years of experience and expertise in the field of education, we have developed a number of E Learning Modules for the benefit of our students. These modules are available absolutely free of cost for member students, and highly interactive, engaging as well as productive with recap quizzes in the end. Modules are available in the following subjects:

1. Mathematics: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Permutation, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry

2. Science: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology

3. History: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Archaeology, Anthropology

5. Geography and Geology

6. Sociology: Social Mobility, Social Stratification, Religion, Ethnicity, Classes, Social Dynamics

7. Sports: Physical Education and sports like Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis

8. English: Grammar, Vocabulary, Linguistics, Literature

9. Media Studies: Copyrighting, Broadcasting, Media Technology

10. Political Science: Political Theory, Administration, Comparative Politics, Public Law, Forms of Government


24 Hours Academic Expert Helpline 

For our premium members, we have a special 24-Hours Academic Expert Helpline for any specific urgent requirements or queries that require a quick response. To gain further in-sights into our premium membership, call our Customer Care today!


Subject-wise Reference Material

By registering with us, not only will you avail the benefits of individual online tutoring and expert academic help, you will also gain access to our archive of study material, reference material and information for various subjects for all grades and levels.


Personalized Support

We want all our member students to excel in studies as well as sports, and believe in providing holistic academic support to them. For parents who are both working professionals and find it difficult to academically assist their children, Armageddon University provides personalized study support and extends all the help that it can to help such students shine bright. 


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Our extensive database of knowledge has won us the accolades of students as well as parents. Hear what they have to say.

My colleague had recommended the Armageddon University to me last year, and I have been using it for my son’s school assignments ever since. It is an excellent source of contemporary education with a host of benefits.
Gretchen T. Gunn
Matrix Design

I’m a big fan of the Armageddon University. I’m pursuing my graduation in Ancient History, and I often refer to this wonderful training site in order to get my history fundamentals right from time to time. 
Brandon Simmons
Best Biz Survis

I’m thankful to the Armageddon University for making a wide range of important academic information and training material in various subjects available for my son and daughter, aged nine and fifteen respectively. With its excellent training modules, they have shown drastic improvement in their studies.
Callum Osborne
Laura Ashley and Co.