The Urgent Need for Career Guidance

What is Career Guidance?

There are many types of people in the world. Some people develop faster than others and on their own while other people need assistance and guidance in the development. When it comes to professional development, career guidance plays an important role. Career guidance is a process that consists of a number of processes and services that help people to successfully manage the development of their career. Career guidance can support you during different phases of your career. It can be of assistance to you at the starting of your career especially if you do not know which career path is the best for you. It can be of assistance to you during your career. Maybe you are thinking of a career change. Regardless of where you are in your career, career guidance can make a difference in your professional life.

Why is Career Guidance Needed?

In February 2015, the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom was 5.4%. This means that almost 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom did not have jobs while many of them might have been willing and capable of being a part of the employment force. Finding a good and respectable job that pays well can be a challenge in today’s corporate world. This is why there is an urgency for career guidance. The earlier you seek professional guidance the more likely it will be for you to secure a good job. 

A lot of people are unemployed because they cannot afford getting an education. Many of these people are not aware of the possibilities that are available to finance their education but if they were to get career guidance, they can be brought into contact with an institution such as Student Finance which can help them finance their education and provide them with the basis of securing a job.

When is Career Guidance Needed?

Career guidance is needed throughout one’s entire career. In essence, it is the the A to Z of building a career; however, there are specific moments in person’s career when career guidance is needed more than ever. Some of these moments include:


Choosing a Career

Students and adults who are just starting their professional life may need help in choosing a career. They may need help in determining the occupation that is the most suitable for them based on their knowledge, skills and experience. 



Searching for a Job

Not everyone is able to find a job in the field that they choose and not everyone know how to look for a job because the lack knowledge of job search strategy.


Facing Issues on the Job

You may need advice on issues that you experience while trying to establish and grow your career such as getting along with your employer and colleagues or managing stress on the job.


Recovering from a Job Loss

Losing your job can be devastating financially and emotionally. In such moments, encouragement and advice is needed from professionals. 


Changing a Career

You might be one of those persons who change multiple careers. Transitioning from one career to the next can be challenging.

Who are Reliable Career Guidance Providers?

Is it smart to put your career in the hands of any and everyone one? Definitely not! While any and every one can give you advice which you can use in making relevant decisions pertaining to your career, not everyone is qualified to provide you with reliable career guidance. Career guidance should be provided by professionals such as career counselors and career development facilitators. Schools employ guidance counselors to provide advice to middle and high school students while college students can seek guidance from the career services office at the institution. Career centers located in public libraries and other places also offer great advice to those who need guidance in their career. 

Job Hunting Tips

If you are currently in need of a job, below are some Student Finance which can be quite beneficial to you.


Do not rely only on advertisements to find a job. Consider other sources especially networking. Family and friends can be great sources of finding a job.


Make your CV available on as many platforms as possible to attract employers.


Target large companies and apply even if the company does not have any job openings. Someone might be that impressed with your CV that a position can be created especially for you.


Remember to always remain positive when looking for a job. If you get rejected or if you get no response at all, it just means that you should try again.


Be mindful of how you manage your money during your unemployment. managing your money is important when looking for a job. You might need money to travel from one office to the next for interviews or to buy professional clothing to make a good impressions which will definitely help in getting the job.


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